Kidney Disease Caused By This Healthy DrinkSeveral studies have found this drink to be beneficial for kidney health.

That’s why it came as a complete shock when a study just published in CJASN (the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology) revealed it to 2/3 bad.

The authors of this study, led by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, started with the assumption that coffee consumption can lower the risk of kidney disease.

After all, this conclusion has been reached by some previous studies.

They wanted to know exactly how coffee could reduce kidney disease risk and assumed that it might be related to the metabolites in our blood that originate from coffee consumption.

To find out, they analyzed the causes and effects of 372 blood metabolites in 3,811 subjects from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study.

This analysis led them to 41 metabolites that sprung from coffee consumption.

To check that they had identified the coffee-related metabolites correctly, the scientists then turned to the data of 1,043 participants in the Bogalusa Heart Study. They could confirm the relationship between coffee consumption and only 20 of these 41 metabolites, so they decided to work with these 20.

They returned to the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study and examined what effects these 20 metabolites had on kidney disease:17 of them were basically irrelevant, but of the other three, two were associated with a higher risk of kidney disease and one with a lower risk.

To be precise, the one beneficial metabolite was glycochenodeoxycholate, a fat known to be involved in the metabolism of bile acid.

The two potentially harmful metabolites were O-methylcatechol sulfate and 3-methyl catechol sulfate, two chemicals known to help with the processing of the food preservative benzoate.

This means that, in this study, the authors found one metabolite that confirmed previous research findings on the ability of coffee to lower kidney disease risk, but two metabolites that contradicted the previous research.

But coffee is a very small factor when it comes to chronic kidney disease. If you want to heal and rebuild your kidneys, you must adjust several lifestyle factors (mostly diet-related) explained here…