How Resting Causes Stroke (Truly Surprising)People who are at heightened risk of stroke are often advised by doctors to get some rest, sleep for longer, and to not overexert themselves.

This may, however, be flawed advice according to a new study from the University of Cambridge.

In fact, getting more rest may increase your stroke risk by 46%. But it’s a specific kind of rest that should be avoided.

Researchers used data from 9,692 people from Norfolk, England and followed up about their lifestyle habits and health history for ten years. In that time, 346 people suffered one or more strokes.

Interestingly, those who slept more than eight hours per day were on average 46% more likely to suffer a stroke than those who slept 6–8 hours.

Those who slept less than six hours were also slightly more likely to suffer a stroke than the average sleepers.

This shows that although getting a good night’s sleep is important, excess sleep is not advisable. Rather than sleeping 9–10 hours, the free time can be used for a light workout, socializing, or relaxing in other ways.

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