The Dementia and Heart Health ConnectionBrain and heart health are closely linked, which is hardly surprising considering all the blood vessels that supply blood to the billions of cells in the brain.

But a new long-term study that just appeared in PLOS Medicine reveals a very interesting angle to this connection.

It shows how you can avoid or even reverse dementia by treating your heart in this specific way.

Finnish and Swedish scientists collaborated on this study, using data first collected for the Finnish Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Aging, and Dementia study.

This large study followed 1,449 participants from 1972 to 1987, when they were in their middle ages, with an average age of 50.4 years. They were observed until 1998, when they reached old age.

A further 744 dementia-free subjects were followed further into their senior years, up to 2008.

The researchers rated the subjects on a modified version of the American Heart Association’s recommendations of three behavioral factors (smoking status, physical activity, and body mass index) and three biological factors (fasting blood sugar, total cholesterol, and blood pressure). They labeled the participants as poor, intermediate, and ideal on these factors.

This yielded the categories poor, intermediate, and ideal for middle ages only, along with the category’s poor, intermediate, and ideal for both middle ages and old age.

Sixty-one people had developed dementia by the first follow-up, with another 47 developing dementia by the second follow-up, giving the researchers plenty of data to work with.

Compared to the subjects who scored as poor on the heart health measures during middle age, those in the intermediate category had a 29% lower risk for dementia; those in the ideal category had a 48% lower risk.

Compared to those in the poor category during both middle and old age, those in the intermediate category during both of these periods cut their risk by 75%; those in the ideal category had an 86% lower risk.

This shows why you need to work on your heart health throughout your life and—while it is recommended that you try to keep your heart health at ideal levels—even moderate levels throughout your life can cut your dementia risk by 75%.

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