How Bad Is Acid Reflux For Your Teeth? (very)We all know that acid reflux causes stomach acid to back up into your esophagus, throat, and mouth.

A new study in the Ukrainian Dental Almanac reveals that this is bad for your teeth.

But how bad is it? And what can you do to save your teeth?

The researchers recruited 90 study participants: 30 with reflux with high acidity, 30 with reflux with low acidity, and 30 healthy subjects without any reflux. The subjects were between 25 and 35 or between 45 and 55.

Their acidity levels were established through pH monitoring of the esophagus and their acid reflux was diagnosed by a gastroenterologist.

To start, the participants with high acid reflux complained of burning in their mouths, dry mouths, bad breath, a sour taste, and sour belching during the dental examination.

Tartar plaques were a bit more common on the teeth of those with high acidity relative to the low acidity and control groups-except for young men with high acidity, who strangely did not have this problem.

The other people with high acidity tended to have discoloration of their oral cavities, erosion of the insides of their cheeks, inflammation of their tongues, coatings on their tongues, and cracks on their tongues.

They also had chronic gingivitis and chronic periodontitis, which are basically inflammations of the gums and tissue around the teeth.

Interestingly, while the problems of the high acidity group were the worst, the low acidity group also exhibited most of these oral and dental symptoms.

This study is another warning that stomach acid-reducing medication does not genuinely solve the problem of reflux, since non-acidic reflux is also harmful.

In fact, if your stomach acid is low and you eat a lot of animal proteins, the food will wash back into your esophagus and mouth for hours because there is not enough acid in your stomach to digest it and it cannot leave your stomach to go downwards. Your stomach then churns the food more violently to try to coat it with acid, which can lead to it splashing back into your esophagus.

That is why the poor oral health of the low-acid reflux participants should not be surprising, as they are basically walking around with food in their mouths for large parts of the day.

But bad teeth are the least of the dangers of acid reflux. In fact, it causes six deadly diseases. I’ll explain this all here, plus how to cure acid reflux in five minutes using three ingredients you already have in your kitchen…