Notty Drink Cures Chronic Kidneys and Cardiovascular DiseasesToday I have a treat for you.

You see, oftentimes when talking about healthy living, you get nagged to eat healthy stuff that you don’t really like and breaking more sweat than you’d really want to.

But today is different. Today I’m going to tell you about a drink most of us love, but that many of us hesitate to have too often.

No more hesitation.

Because a new study has proven this drink to be extremely beneficial to both kidneys and overall cardiovascular health.

It’s been repeatedly proven to lower blood pressure and help prevent stroke and heart attack and now to improve chronic kidney disease (CKD).

The research team at the University of Colorado–Denver collected data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination survey for the period from 2003 to 2006.

Of the 5,852 participants analyzed, the prevalence of CKD was significantly lower in those who consumed at least one glass of wine a day compared with non-wine drinkers.

Taking this a step further, among the 1,031 participants who already had CKD, drinking at least one glass of wine a day seemed to protect them from the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Because kidney diseases and heart diseases share common risk factors, patients with kidney diseases who drink a moderate amount of wine can possibly keep heart diseases at bay.

This research study by no means suggests that nondrinkers suffering from kidney disease should start drinking wine as medicine. And you should limit yourself to 1–2 glasses maximum. Anything more can cause more harm than good.

And again, drinking margaritas or sipping beers HASN’T been shown to have the same health benefits as wine (we get this question a lot).

And just to spoil the fun, other studies have clearly proven that nonalcoholic wine is just as healthy—maybe even better—than regular wine.

If you’re already suffering from chronic kidney disease, drinking wine will not be enough. But you can reverse CKD using the simple lifestyle changes explained here….

And to clear out cholesterol plaque from your arteries, you must cut out this ONE ingredient you didn’t even know you were consuming….