This Cholesterol Combats Alzheimer’sAn excess of cholesterol wreaks havoc in our blood vessels, and researchers have now discovered it causes Alzheimer’s disease as well.

Canadian researchers examined the brains of patients who had died of Alzheimer’s disease, finding that Alzheimer’s brains contained significantly more cholesterol than non-Alzheimer’s brains.

But that’s only half the story… They also discovered that Alzheimer’s brains and healthy brains do very different things with cholesterol.

And this may hold the key to finally cure Alzheimer’s.

The Canadian team found that Alzheimer’s brains retained cholesterol while healthy brains metabolized it. This study appeared in the journal Neurobiology of Disease.

A few years later, a different team published a study in Molecular Neurodegeneration in which they actually demonstrated what happened to neurons when they loaded cholesterol into their membranes.

These neurons immediately started resembling and behaving like neurons in Alzheimer’s brains.

Compared to non-Alzheimer’s neurons, Different genes were turned on and off, the transport of proteins in those neurons were blocked, and they secreted a lot more amyloid-beta42, a protein that appears in large amounts in Alzheimer’s brains.

But at present researchers still don’t understand the exact role that cholesterol plays in the development of the disease.

Until exact cause and effect relationships can be proven, it’s best to drop cholesterol to healthy levels.

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