How Dentist and Heart Procedures KillYou wouldn’t think that a seemingly simple dental procedure could result in an untimely death, but it can.

Previously, doctors strongly advised any patients needing this dental procedure before undergoing cardiac surgery to get it done without hesitation.

But now they’re backtracking, because new evidence published via a press release in Medical News Today states there’s a 10% chance of dying during surgery after visiting the dentist.

The American Heart Association has long stated the importance of removing infected and abscessed teeth before any cardiac surgery, as the risk of infection was high.

They estimated that the risk of dying from having teeth removed prior to surgery was less than 1%, and the risk of not having it done was much higher.

However, the latest research puts the death rate at 8% after the dental treatment but before the heart surgery has taken place.

The key to avoiding this problem altogether is to take care of your oral hygiene and keep heart disease at bay, especially since tooth decay has already been linked to cardiovascular problems.

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