This Common Vitamin Cuts Stroke Risk By A FifthStroke is a complicated neurological disorder that is difficult to diagnose and even trickier to treat and cure completely.

Yet, there is a one single, very common vitamin that is known to reduce the risk of developing stroke by a whopping 19%, according to a study conducted by the American Academy of Neurology.

But despite its abundance, we’re surprisingly deficient in it.

Yes, vitamin C has been known to play a role in controlling the incidence of stroke.

The study found those who’ve never had a stroke are more likely to have normal levels of vitamin C compared to those who have had one or more strokes. The latter group has very low or depleted levels of vitamin C.

Usually obesity, high blood pressure and alcohol consumption are considered to be the major risk factors associated with strokes. But this study shows that a deficiency in vitamin C also plays a role.

The study involved 65 healthy individuals and 65 who had previously suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke. Out of the 130 people, about 45 percent had normal levels of vitamin C and 45 percent had very low levels. Individuals who had higher levels of vitamin C had never experienced a stroke.

The researchers found that consuming the daily requirement of vitamin C reduces the risk of strokes, particularly hemorrhagic strokes.

Research published in British Medical Journal in 1995 states women who have higher amounts of vitamin C and flavonoids in their body are 19 percent less likely to develop strokes.

The daily requirement of this vitamin for men is 90 mg per day while it is 75 for women.

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