This “Massage” Cures VertigoThere have been so many natural medicines and treatments to come out of China, all of which are commonly used in the West today – acupuncture being number one.

Maybe you’ve already been brave enough to try it for yourself, but this isn’t the only effective treatment the Chinese have gifted us with.

According to a new study published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, there’s another contender striving to take the crown for the best alternative Chinese therapy, and it’s also said to effectively treat vertigo.

Cervical vertigo is a common cause of extreme dizziness.

It can be caused by spinal injuries, poor back and neck posture, neck injuries, whiplash, or any other condition that ruins the alignment between your neck and your head.

The spinning sensation is thought to stem from blood vessel damage and poor blood flow from your neck to your brain or inner ear.

Like acupuncturists, tuina practitioners believe that blockages in energy flow cause disorders and illnesses. It uses the same energy points and acupoints as acupuncture does to improve the flow of qi through your body.

The big difference is that, while acupuncture uses needles, tuina uses massage with various hand movements and different pressure strengths.

The researchers wondered how useful tuina would be for the treatment of this type of vertigo, so they consulted studies that had already been published to find out.

After searching through nine scientific databases, they found nine studies that addressed this question. They included only randomized controlled trials in their analysis. This is the strongest type of study and is the holy grail of scientific research if it is performed correctly.

When combining the studies, they discovered that tuina was 11 percent more effective than normal massage therapy was at relieving cervical vertigo.

It also appeared to be 37 percent more effective than cervical traction.

Two of the studies reported that tuina was on average 40 percent more effective than acupuncture and 17 percent better than betahistine mesilate, an anti-vertigo drug.

Tuina has no intolerable negative consequences and is, therefore, safe.

If you have a massage place that offers tuina in your area, I highly recommend trying it. But for the best method to cure vertigo, just do the easy exercises, explained here, for about 15 minutes each day…