A Blood Pressure Lowering Tea That Even Helps You Sleep“You might benefit from a diuretic for blood pressure, and a sedative for anxiety”, your doctor says. But instead of being happy with their “remedy”, you’re frustrated their answer is limited to conventional drugs and nothing else.

But the good news is there’s a solution, and it involves a nightly cup of hot delicious tea.

Linden tea…sound familiar?

Probably not!

Linden tea doesn’t only fight inflammation, it’s also a powerful diuretic, has calming powers, and can even thin mucous enough to help out with a cough or cold.

Although it’s gaining popularity, it’s still not readily found in stores, but it can be bought in supplement form.

Containing a powerful chemical called farnesol, which is known to be a vasodilator, Linden tea prevents edema and water retention in our sleep by relaxing blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, and calming the mind and body, which in turn helps you get that quality sleep you need each night to remain healthy.

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