This Spikes Your Heart Attack Risk 800 %By now most people understand that this is harmful.

But researchers at the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Sheffield have just completed another study that spells out the risk in quite scary numbers.

And since one in five adults still do this, we must hammer home the point of this study.

Yes, if you do this ONE thing, you’re more than 800% more likely to suffer from a heart attack and/or stroke. Not only this, it’ll happen 10 years earlier than the average person.

Researchers examined the health information of 1,727 people who received treatment for heart attacks at South Yorkshire’s regional specialist cardiothoracic center.

The scientists analyzed patient information compared to non-smokers and discovered:

1. Smokers younger than 50 were 8.47 times more likely to suffer from a heart attack.

2. Smokers between ages 50 and 65 were 5.2 times more likely to suffer from a heart attack, and those over 65 only 3.1 times.

3. Current smokers were 10-11 years younger than former smokers or non-smokers when the heart attack struck.

4. Smokers were twice as likely to have a history of coronary artery disease (blocked arteries).

5. Smokers were three times more likely to suffer from peripheral vascular disease.

But since heart attacks is the most common cause of death worldwide, especially for people over 60, you must tackle the real underlying cause of one by cutting out this one ingredient you’re unknowingly consuming…

And if you have high blood pressure, lowering it, using these easy blood pressure exercises, is essential…