Surprising Cause of Vertigo and DizzinessTraumatic brain injury is a common cause of dizziness, making this one of the hardest to treat because it stems from an actual brain injury rather than from a temporary balance problem.

We typically associate traumatic brain injuries with sport, but a new study in the journal Brain Injury shows that there is another worrying cause of brain injuries and dizziness, and it happens in many households…

Recent studies have found that domestic violence also causes brain injuries.

Researchers wanted to establish how common it was for domestic violence victims to suffer from traumatic brain injuries.

18 female victims of domestic violence were given questionnaires to assess their symptoms and the severity of them.

Every participant reported at least one instance of traumatic brain injury, with most of them reporting more than one.

Key symptoms from the domestic violence induced injuries included anxiety, drowsiness, dizziness, and problems with memory and concentration.

These are important findings, as millions of women worldwide experience this type of violence daily; it also proves traumatic brain injuries aren’t limited to sport.

Usually, unlike sport-related brain injuries domestic violence ones aren’t a one off. However, because of the stigma connected to domestic violence, the victims don’t often seek help and don’t know they have potentially life-threatening brain injuries.

Like all other forms of dizziness, dizziness caused by traumatic brain injuries can be treated surprisingly easily at home, but it must be diagnosed and acknowledged before people will even think of addressing it.

If you’ve been a victim of domestic violence, it’s imperative you seek medical attention and help.

BUT in the meantime – and no matter what caused your vertigo – you can stop the dizziness FOREVER in 15 minutes by following these simple exercises that take no effort at all…