The Easiest Blood Pressure Cure Scientifically ProvenHow about the combination easy, effective, free, and no side effects to cure high blood pressure?

How about being proven by thousands of years of practice and now scientifically proven in a new study published in Psychosomatic Medicine.

The scientists studied a group of people, with the average age of 50, who were pre-hypertensive.

Prehypertension is the phase of health where blood pressure numbers are higher than they should be (between 130 and 135 systolic), but not yet diagnosable as hypertension.

Left untreated and exposed to the same stressors that are causing the elevation in the first place, prehypertension almost always will lead to full blown high blood pressure.

In the study group, however, the participants were taught a technique called “mindfulness,” in which a person focuses intently on the present moment, pushing away all other thoughts.

Traditionally, this method has been referred to as meditation; but in mindfulness, there is no connection necessarily to any religion or cultural rules.

It is merely the practice of giving the mind a focused break from the stress and anxiety that is a constant onslaught in one form or another.

The study not only showed that blood pressure came down for the participants on average by 5 full points, knocking many of them out of the danger zone; it had other health benefits as well.

Other health benefits included a reduced sensitivity to pain, better sleeping patterns, and a diminished impact of depression.

This is of course no news to me. For years now I’ve been teaching a specific type of mindfulness exercises specifically focused on lowering blood pressure. And the results are way more impressive than the mere 5 points from the study.

In fact, most people using my simple exercises get their blood pressure under 120/80 within a week. Very often the very first time they do the exercises.

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