It Worked for Migraines and Now for VertigoAlthough they don’t always go hand in hand, migraine and vertigo are very closely related conditions. So the things that help for one often help for the other.

So a new study published in the journal Neurology decided to test a simple FDA approved method that has helped migraine sufferers for years on vertigo patients.

The results were out of this world.

Electric stimulation of the vagus nerve through the skin of the neck can reduce the pain that migraine sufferers experience during attacks, but since migraines often coincide with vertigo, the research team decided to find out how well this treatment worked to reduce the severity of the vertigo attack associated with the migraine.

As subjects, they used 18 people who visited a medical centre for help between November 2017 and January 2019. 14 of these had vestibular migraines, the type that has dizziness as one of its symptoms. The other four had dizziness without a clear cause that was resistant to previous treatments.

They used a questionnaire to evaluate the severity of the vertigo before the vagus nerve stimulation and 15 minutes after it.

In the 14 patients with vestibular migraine, only one patient did not improve as a result of the treatment.

Two of them reported a complete cessation of their vertigo symptoms and five reported a 50 percent improvement.

Six others reported a significant improvement and the average improvement across the whole group was 46.9 percent.

All of them reported an improvement in pain. The average improvement in pain across the group was 63.3 percent.

This definitely implies that electrical vagus nerve stimulation is a good treatment for the vertigo that accompanies migraines.

The problem is that this method only “improves” migraines and vertigo (and then only a specific type of vertigo), but it doesn’t cure it.

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