How ED Destroys Your CareerWe usually think of ED as a bedroom problem. It has definitely been the final blow to many relationships.

But a new study in the International Journal of Clinical Practice now shows that it is a major problem for your career as well.

A research team composed of scientists from healthcare research firm Kantar Health, Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, and pharmaceutical company Pfizer collected National Health and Wellness Surveys from eight countries, including the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, China, and Brazil.

They were specifically interested in the ways in which erectile dysfunction affected their 52,697 subject’s self-reported ability to work and engage in non-work activities. All their subjects were between 40 and 70 years old.

Erectile dysfunction was measured through their subject’s self-reported problems with achieving or maintaining an erection.

In general, 24.8 percent of the subjects with erectile dysfunction reported work productivity impairment, while only 11.2 percent of those without erectile dysfunction struggled with the same issue.

During other, non-work-related activities, 24.8 percent of men with erectile dysfunction versus 14.5 percent of men without erectile dysfunction reported productivity difficulties.

While men without erectile dysfunction reported having missed three percent of their work time in the previous week because of absenteeism, men with erectile dysfunction had been absent for seven percent of the time.

Reporting to work while being sick had led to impaired performance of more than 22 percent of men with erectile dysfunction and 10 percent of men without erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction sufferers also experienced a significantly lower health-related quality of life. This was assessed via two questionnaires, called the Mental Component Summary and the Physical Component Summary.

Men with erectile dysfunction scored around five points lower than men without erectile dysfunction on both these questionnaires.

Those with the most severe erectile dysfunction were the most likely to be unproductive, absent from work, and struggling with a poor quality of life.

Predictably, men with erectile dysfunction were also more likely to be older, obese, physically inactive, smokers, and heavy drinkers.

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