How Our High Cholesterol Hurts OthersOkay, we know that having cholesterol plaque causes stroke and heart attack. That, of course, harms us… or worse!

And we know that those who love us are going to be devastated if we suffer these serious events.

But, according to a new study published in The Condor, there is an unexpected, completely innocent, little thing that may be harmed even more by our high-cholesterol lifestyles.

And the results could be disastrous!

Because of a relative lack of trees and foliage in our cities, city dwellers attract birds by placing food in bird feeders. Larger birds also raid our trashcans and dumpsters to survive.

This led scientists to wonder whether our throwaway food is actually good for birds, and a team led by Hamilton College researchers set out to find out.

They tested the cholesterol of 140 crow nestlings in and around Davis in California, in various areas, which ranged from rural to urban. They found that urban crow-chicks had higher cholesterol than their rural cousins.

To discover whether this was due to the processed and fatty food that humans dump and throw out for them, the researchers left McDonald’s cheeseburgers near crow nests in rural New York.

When they tested the cholesterol of these crows, they found that those who had fed on the burgers had higher cholesterol than those who had fed on natural food sources.

In fact, their cholesterol was very similar to the cholesterol of the city crows, altogether around five percent higher than that of the rural crows who ate naturally available food.

This, of course, doesn’t just reveal crow health. This shows how the normal junk diet most people consume directly leads to high cholesterol in humans as well as animals.

And this is, of course, why so many people nowadays are dying from strokes and heart attacks.

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