Common Vitamin Heals High Blood PressureVitamins D and E are seriously good for you, of that there is no doubt.

They are proven workhorses which support your health in many ways, and they are great for your cardiovascular health, too.

They’re so good that we’ve lost track of the number of times that we’ve told you about them, so today we will give them a rest!

Let’s give another vitamin a chance to shine instead.

The one we’re going to look at instead is super common, and thanks to researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, we know that it’s super powerful.

They found that it can cut blood pressure and reduce the buildup of arterial plaque too, but the best part is that you don’t need much of it.

And it’s dirt-cheap and can find in all supermarkets.

The researchers looked at 29 different studies to see how well vitamin C performed as a blood pressure reducer.

The studies had a median duration of eight weeks and used anywhere from 10 to 120 subjects. Doses ranged from as little as 60mg to as high as 4000mg, with an average of 500mg.

After the researchers had summarized all of the study results, it became clear to them that vitamin C did a really good job of lowering blood pressure. The reason for this is that it helps the body to produce more nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels, and on top of that it makes the endothelial layer—the inner walls of blood vessels—both stronger and more elastic.

The recommended dosage for vitamin C is between 500 and 1000mg. If you feel a cold coming on and want to up your dosage, you can take up to 2000 mg a day. You may read that some people recommend taking more, but we wouldn’t advise it. Stick within these limits and you’ll still be helping to reduce your high blood pressure, along with getting the other benefits. Although, having said that, vitamin C alone probably won’t be enough.

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