Common Meds that Spike Your Blood PressurePain is a known cause of high blood pressure. The body responds to long-term pain the same way that it responds to sudden injury: it raises your blood pressure.

So, it doesn’t help when the meds you’re taking for the pain cause your blood pressure to spike as well.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs like ibuprofen are known antagonists when it comes to blood pressure. And it doesn’t help that they’re so common that people think they are virtually harmless. It’s like, when you can pick something up in the grocery store, it has to be safe, right?

Sure, they’re great for reducing fevers and combating mild pain for most people, but recent research has highlighted the way that these widely used medications can lead to alarming spikes in blood pressure too. And prescription medications like Celebrex are no better. They can also potentially do the same thing.

vgbgNon-NSAID alternatives are available, but they come with their own difficulties when taken in large quantities.

Acetaminophen, can cause death at a dosage of just 4,000 mg, and liver damage even at lower do.

When you absolutely have to take something to cope with pain, it’s far better to look towards natural remedies.

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