Your Heart Health Depends on Who You Live WithAre you more likely to suffer a heart attack and stroke if you live alone or share a home with others?

That was the question asked in a new study that was published in the journal Heart.

And the answer is: it depends on who you are!

To check whether this statement was true, they identified 32,367 people with CAD (coronary artery disease) from the Clarify registry of patients with a stable CAD. These people originated from 45 countries and had their information collected between 2009 and 2010.

They were observed for an average of five years to see which of them would have a major, adverse cardiovascular event, and this included stroke, heart attack, and cardiovascular death.

People with stable CAD are people whose arteries were narrowed or clogged with cholesterol but who did not have any trouble with them for the last few months.

Among the participants, 11.3 percent lived alone.

When they calculated the chance of a major cardiovascular event, they found that there was no difference between those who lived alone and those who cohabited.

But that was not the most interesting find.

Men who lived alone were 17 percent more likely to suffer from a cardiovascular event than men who lived with others.

From this, the scientists speculated that men who used to be married and lived with their spouses lacked the coping mechanisms and social support outside the home that women tended to have.

On the other hand, women who lived alone tended to have a slightly smaller chance of a cardiovascular event than women who cohabited with others.

The researchers again speculated that it may have been because of the fact that married women still had a tendency to take on the lion’s share of responsibilities around the home, causing some stress that single dwelling women can avoid.

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