6 Serious Impacts of High Blood Pressure (#4 will surprise you)High blood pressure has been identified by the World Health Organization as the deadliest but most preventable epidemic in all of history.

The results of untreated, long-term high blood pressure can be catastrophic, even if the elevation wasn’t very high or what would normally be considered to be a medical emergency.

Some effects are obvious (such as a stroke and heart attack), while others may have bothered you for years without you realizing it was high blood pressure that caused them.

Here are the six examples:

#1- Stroke/aneurism – high blood pressure weakens the arteries. Two things happen after that- either the vessel ruptures; causing blood to leak out into the brain as with a stroke, or the vessel herniates, bulging dangerously against brain tissue or even rupturing at a later point.

#2- Heart failure – The constant assault that hypertension does to the blood vessels damages the tissue they are supposed to feed. In the heart, these damaged or enlarged tissues would be catastrophic.

#3- Dementia – Following the logic that everywhere your arteries lead to can be damaged if those arteries become weak and/or hardened, and thus limiting blood flow, it is easy to see how areas of the brain which cannot ever be repaired once damaged, can fall victim to cell death. A growing body of evidence has been showing that dementia- spectrum diseases are increasingly being linked to high blood pressure.

#4- Vision impairment – Even the tiniest of blood vessels, such as those that supply oxygen and nutrients to your eyes, will become damaged with the onset of high blood pressure. Every millimeter of the eye has a function in vision, and every millimeter depends upon a healthy blood flow. Studies are practically emerging every few months showing that many kinds of vision impairment can be found to be a result of hypertension.

#5- Erectile dysfunction – Know what happens to the ‘man parts’ if the blood doesn’t flow effectively? They don’t work. Sure, there are drugs out there to help correct it temporarily, but they come with a litany of side effects – especially if you are already being treated for high blood pressure with other pharmaceuticals.

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#6- Bone loss – Many people wouldn’t consider this to be a life-threatening condition. But with bone loss comes the very dangerous problem of getting a fracture. People expect seniors to be at risk of falls or fractures because they are more fragile.

But many folks in their 50s and 60s who are hypertensive also are at a dangerous risk of having a fracture due to bone loss. And that’s dangerous, since this age group is still largely in the workforce.

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