Your Car Causes Your ED Problems?Men like cars. Cars like men. So why in the world would cars cause men ED problems?

Are they jealous of the wives?

All joke aside, a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has proven that specific types of cars can actually cause ED problems in men.

The scientists used 40 male Sprague Dawley rats, 10 of whom were lucky enough to be used as a control group that was not exposed to any gasoline vehicle exhaust gasses at all.

The other 30 were exposed to this pollution at lengths of either two hours, four hours, or six hours of per day for three months.

After three months, an examination revealed that those exposed to four and six hours of daily exhaust gasses definitely suffered from sexual dysfunction.

The arteries that were meant to allow blood into their penises during an erection had become less flexible and were less able to relax, thereby inhibiting the blood flow.

In addition, the pressure that was meant to trap the blood inside the corpora cavernosa inside their penises had weakened, resulting in the blood flowing out before sexual activity could be completed.

Furthermore, the rats that were tested also suffered from high levels of inflammation throughout their bodies, lung damage and reduced lung capacity, and low nitric oxide in their penises.

All of these have previously been found to cause erectile dysfunction, and this demonstrates that it is not only that gasoline vehicle exhaust gasses which cause ED, but would also include the physiological mechanisms through which it happens.

So maybe the manly man of the future will not be one driving a big V8 monster truck, but a small electric car. At least they’ll have a better chance of a healthy erection.

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