This Acid Causes Vertigo (Eliminate It NOW)Scientists have been searching aggressively for a direct cause and cure for different types of vertigos – unfortunately, they have had little results.

However, a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology reveals that an innocent-looking acid may be the cause they have looking for.

We must consume this acid to survive, but your body also has to get rid of the excess or face dire consequences (one of them being vertigo.)

Chinese researchers searched the five largest scientific journal databases and collected studies that compared people with high and low uric acid levels in their blood to see which were more likely to struggle with vertigo.

They found that people with vertigo were much more likely to have high uric acid than people without vertigo.

To reduce your uric acid level, try some of the following remedies:

1. Since your kidneys are meant to filter uric acid out of your body through the urine, do everything in your power to promote good kidney health. Drink a lot of water, manage your blood pressure and blood sugar level and avoid unnecessary over-the-counter drugs.

2. Eat nuts, seeds, oats, and other foods that contain fiber, as it can help your body remove uric acid as well as balance your sugar levels.

3. Reduce your intake of a substance called purines, which is found in organ meats (liver, kidneys), mutton, pork, veal, fish, mushrooms, green peas, and cauliflower.

4. Reduce your alcohol intake, because your kidneys put it in the front of the queue of substances to be excreted. Beer also contains purines.

If your uric acid remains under control, you might avoid vertigo.

But managing uric acid may not be enough to eliminate all types of vertigo. For that, you will need to increase the blood that flows up to your head and synchronize the different aspects of your balance system… and you can do that using the easy vertigo techniques found here…