Does The Cause of ED Lie In Your Bowels?The journal Inflammatory Bowel Diseases has just published a survey of previously published research which draws a conclusion that might surprise many who suffer from ED.

Astonishingly, nobody has ever researched this connection in detail, despite the fact that researchers found a 41 percent connection between ED and this bowel issue.

Past studies that reported that people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) were more likely to have ED than the healthy population.

In response, they searched through the literature and found eight studies that investigated this relationship.

Altogether, the studies had 351,668 male subjects with an average age ranging between 34 and 52 years old.

Men with IBD ended up being 41 percent more likely to have ED than men without it.

The risk was especially high for men below the age of 50.

No one has investigated why this association exists, and the authors of this new study stated that there were probably many different factors involved. Some of these include:

Firstly, abnormal channels can develop links between their inflamed intestines and surrounding organs, including their sex organs. This can cause pelvic floor disorders that make erections impossible.

Secondly, many people with IBD experience abdominal pain or fever, and many are simply too tired for sex.

Thirdly, many people with IBD need to visit the bathroom often and struggle with incontinence and diarrhea, two fears that can ruin the mood.

Fourthly, many doctors prescribe cortisone or other anti-inflammatory medications, and these might have sexual dysfunction as a side effect.

Many people with IBD suffer from body image issues; some due to being overweight, and others simply because they entered puberty later than their peers did and thus suffer from psychological damage because of that.

At this stage, researchers are not entirely sure what causes IBD, but think that genetic factors might be the most to blame.

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