This Vitamin Works Wonders for High Blood Pressure!There is an attack happening on your body right now, and this attack causes high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and other serious conditions.

Fortunately, there is one type of vitamin that quickly fights off this attack, helps brings your blood pressure down, and improves your arteries to obtain optimal health.

Antioxidant vitamins are the gatekeepers of oxidative stress, a symptom that is commonly blamed for many chronic diseases including high blood pressure.

Simply put, oxidative stress is the result of free radical damage, occurring partly because of inadequate protection from antioxidants.

What does this mean for high blood pressure?

Since humans live by burning (oxidizing) food, the byproducts of that oxidation can damage our DNA, leading to high blood pressure.

Thankfully, the body makes its own antioxidant glutathione, which should be sufficient when coupled with a diet that is rich in antioxidant foods.

The most powerful antioxidant vitamins are A, C and E. You can get these vitamins in high-quality supplements in your local health food store or from food sources.

The National Institute of Aging has developed something known as an ORAC Score (oxygen radical absorption capacity), which tests the power of a plant to absorb and eliminate free radicals.

The following foods are the highest in antioxidants, and are based on 100 grams (3.5oz) of each food:

Goji berries – 25,000 ORAC Score
Dark Chocolate – 21,000 ORAC Score
Pecans – 17,000 ORAC Score
Blueberries – 14,000 ORAC Score
Elderberries – 14,000 ORAC Score
Cranberries – 9,500 ORAC Score
Artichoke – 9,400 ORAC Score
Kidney Beans – 8,400 ORAC Score
Blackberries – 5,300 ORAC Score

Note: This list is an attempt to highlight edible foods. When measured by weight, spices are the richest source of antioxidants. Ground clove, for example, has one of the highest ORAC values. However, it is doubtful that anyone will ever attempt to eat 100g of cloves in one sitting!

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