Vertigo Indicates a Weird Bone DiseaseYou are probably been more concerned about things such as stroke or falling than a bone disease in cases where you have experienced vertigo attacks.

But a new study from the journal European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology has revealed that those suffering vertigos are more than 30% more likely to have this alarming bone disease.

Osteoporosis happens when your body loses more bone cells than it can replace. It results in porous bones that are weak and break with falls and bumps.

It is uncommon in young people and around twice as likely to occur in older women as in older men.

The researchers analyzed the information of 13,484 people with vertigo, which were obtained from the Korean National Health Insurance Service and matched with 53,936 people without vertigo.

All the subjects were 50 years and older and the two groups were matched based on age, sex, income, blood pressure, cholesterol, and so forth.

They then investigated the histories of osteoporosis in both groups to see whether they differed.

Altogether, 18.64% of the vertigo group and 12.21% of the non-vertigo group had a history of osteoporosis, which meant that after any statistical adjustments, vertigo sufferers were almost 30% more likely than non-vertigo sufferers to have osteoporosis.

This relationship held for all age and sex groups, except for men above the age of 70.

As to why this is the case is quite unclear. And you’re not guaranteed that the healing of one would lead to a healing of both.

But if vertigo is your main concern, then that issue is quite easy to address. Here are simple vertigo exercises – you can do at home – that eliminate the vertigo attacks, with effects often showing on the very first day…