Think You Don’t Have Diabetes – Think AgainThe frequency of Type-2 diabetes is on a steep rise.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with full-blown diabetes, pre-diabetes or are healthy as can be, you need to pay attention to a new study that has been published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

This is as they identified one marker that almost guarantees an onset of type-2 diabetes 10 years ahead of the actual affliction.

Japanese scientists were interested in the timing of the onset of diabetes, and wanted to propose when an intervention against it should begin.

They examined the medical data of 27,392 people who had regular information available.

4,781 of them were eventually diagnosed with pre-diabetes and 1,061 had full-blown diabetes.

They found that around 10 years prior to their official diagnoses, people that were diagnosed with one of these two conditions: higher fasting glucose and body-mass index and lower insulin resistance.

10 years before being diagnosed with diabetes, subjects had a fasting glucose score of 101.5 mg/dL versus the 94.5 mg/dL of those who were never diagnosed.

Those eventually diagnosed with pre-diabetes had a score of 91.8 mg/dL, compared with the level of 89.6 mg/dL found in their healthy peers.

Eventual diabetics had a body mass index of 24.0 kg/m2 versus the 22.7 kg/m2 of those who remained healthy. While eventual pre-diabetics had a score of 22.6 kg/m2 compared with the 22.1 kg/m2 of their healthy counterparts.

On the single-point insulin sensitivity test, eventual diabetics scored 7.32 against the 8.34 found amongst their peers, while pre-diabetics scored 8.44 against the 8.82 of their peer’s.

It seems like both diabetes and pre-diabetes actually begin 10 years or more prior to it officially being diagnosed.

This study is important, because if it is right, then doctors can identify people at risk of diabetes long before they actually develop it and can take action to prevent it well ahead of time.

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