Can’t Sleep? There’s a 52% Chance You Suffer This Dangerous DisorderIt comes as no surprise that insomniacs score higher on depression and anxiety tests than good sleepers do. After all, lack of sleep can drive you somewhat crazy, right?

But a study in the latest edition of the journal Comprehensive Psychiatry suggests that it is much more than just mood disorders that insomniacs should worry about.

In fact, more than half of all insomniacs suffer a hidden but very destructive disorder.

Researchers decided to find out whether insomniacs were more likely to suffer from personality disorders than psychotherapy patients were.

For subjects, they recruited 171 insomnia patients and 171 psychotherapy patients who were presented to their clinic.

They matched them on age and gender and gave them the standard diagnostic questionnaire to identify the personality disorders from which they suffered, if any.

Interestingly, 52% of insomniacs scored positively for at least one personality disorder, which was substantially higher than the findings in the psychotherapy group.

While looking at specific personality disorders, insomniacs were most likely to suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and non-specific personality disorders.

Given these findings, the authors of this study recommended that insomnia patients be screened for personality disorders, as there could be a possibility that their sleep disorder stems from these psychological problems.

However, there is an upside, which would be that insomnia which is resilient to standard treatments could become treatable by treating the personality disorders from which they result from.

But the scientists didn’t comment on the other side, such as once insomnia patients could be assisted to sleep well, would their personality disorder also be healed as well?

Either way, why not try and listen to this short audio, which is guaranteed to knock you into a deep sleep in as little as 10 minutes…