Interesting Vertigo and Dizziness Stimulation CureA new study that appeared in the Journal of Neurology has now shown that a specific type of stimulation can cure even the most stubborn variants of vertigo.

This is even when all other treatments had failed.

The best part of this stimulation treatment would be in the fact that it is completely un-invasive and has no apparent side effects.

In the past 20 years, the American Food and Drug Administration has authorized vagus nerve stimulation for conditions ranging from epilepsy to a migraine. However, in the past, devices had to be implanted beneath the skin to stimulate this nerve.

These days, external devices have become available, where you can press on the nerve to stimulate it through your skin. Like the internal devices, it sends electrical pulses to the nerve in order to stimulate it to address your unique problem.

Your vagus nerves run from your brain through your neck, chest, and abdomen to your colon.

Researchers recruited people who had been diagnosed with Persistent postural-perceptual dizziness (PPPD), which happens to be the hardest form of vertigo to treat.

In the case of these subjects, all other treatments had failed.

They split their subjects into two groups: one that received vagus nerve stimulation, and the other that received standard treatments for vertigo.

They applied vagus nerve stimulation to the stimulation group during periods of severe vertigo, and regularly in the mornings and evenings, even when their vertigo was not too severe.

The results were found to be very impressive. The nerve stimulation improved their quality of life, their depression scores, and their anxiety levels significantly when compared with subjects who received the standard treatments.

In addition, their vertigo attacks were less severe, they experienced markedly fewer periods of exacerbation, they were steadier on their feet, and swayed a lot less while moving. This was just after four weeks of treatment.

The one downside would be that it is a short-term treatment whose effects do not last, so to continue enjoying the benefits, one will have to continue regular stimulation.

Interestingly, our simple vertigo and dizziness exercises work in a somewhat similar way and work for almost everyone.

Unlike the stimulation therapy, however, the results are usually permanent. This means that you don’t have to continue the exercises unless you want to.

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