4 Preventable Causes of High Blood PressureThe World Health Organization has declared that high blood pressure affects more than a billion people worldwide.

The global health watchdogs estimate that at least 1 in 3 adults over the ages of 25 suffer from some level of hypertension.

It’s the #1 killer.

But why?

What causes it in the first place? If we are to turn things around and end high blood pressure, we have to know where to fight it.

Today, we will look at the 4 most common causes of dangerous high blood pressure and how to get to the root of the problem in order to end it.

Physical Stress:

The first cause we will look at is biology. Biological causes of high blood pressure include examples like co-morbidities; or in other words, other diseases.

Diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney trouble, even asthma can all be biological stressors that lead to high blood pressure.

Deficiencies in key nutrients, vitamins, and minerals can also spike blood pressure to unsafe levels. Making sure you are on a quality supplement that will optimize nutrition for your personal needs will go a long way in the correction of this.

Pollutants in the air or water, and even in the certain medications we take, can all be sources of poisons to the body and can stress out the blood vessels and heart. This hypertension cause is known as an environmental stressor.

Sensory Stress:

Another source of HBP is related to the senses: foul odors, painful stimuli on eyesight or skin, really loud noises like a blaring TV or living too close to an airport or railway crossing…all these are examples of sensory stress stimuli.

Emotional Stress:

Ever having a bad breakup and you just felt terrible- day and night, body aches, racing heart, depression, and so on?

Emotional stress, like what you would experience when experiencing a divorce or starting a new job, is a key trigger for high blood pressure.

These life events are normal and just part of the human condition. However, getting this one under control can be hard to do.

Psychological Stress:

Are you studying for a huge exam? Are you chronically under-rested? Did you just get moved to a different department at work and have to learn a whole new cache of skills?

Even reading a thrilling novel can spike blood pressure. These examples are something that is a little more under a person’s control than something like a genetic disease, but it there can also be difficulties limiting or overcoming this.

What do these 4 causes all have in common? Was there a common thread you saw in each of the examples?

That’s right – stress. It comes in many forms, and the body’s reaction to it over time determines whether a person will suffer from high blood pressure.

The great thing about this is that countless studies have been done on the mind/body connection, and can help to crush stress and completely reverse high blood pressure.

People who use all-natural mind/body methods to control their body’s reaction to stressful stimuli consistently test better in BP levels than their counterparts who don’t use these methods or those who are on dangerous blood pressure medicines.

By far, the most effective mind/body method to lower blood pressure comes from these 3 easy blood pressure exercises that can be found here. These are guaranteed to bring your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today…