Arthritis Worsened 67% Due To This Childhood TraumaChildren are extremely vulnerable. And this sets them up for trauma that can harm them for the rest of their lives.

A study has just appeared in the journal Rheumatology that reveals that if you suffer from arthritis, it’s very likely caused being exposed in a specifically harmful situation as a child.

In fact, this trauma increases your risk of arthritis by up to 67%.

This study started out innocently enough.

A team of French scientists wanted to know how much smoking could increase our risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis by.

To find out, they followed 98,995 women between 1990 and now, collecting questionnaires from them every two to three years.

These questionnaires included information regarding their health, any medical events they might have experienced, their environments, and their lifestyle details. They also had to report their arthritis diagnoses and medication.

Complete information was available for 71,248 of the women, with 371 of them reporting rheumatoid arthritis.

Unsurprisingly, active smokers were 38% more likely to develop arthritis than non-smokers, but this was where the predictability ended.

When they separated the active smokers, who were exposed to secondhand smoke as children, from active smokers who had not been so exposed, they found a difference.

Active smokers who received secondhand smoke while they were children were also found to be 67% more likely to develop arthritis than active smokers whose parents had not smoked.

Most surprisingly, people who had never smoked but whose parents exposed them to secondhand smoke as children were 43% more likely to have arthritis than people who had never smoked and who had not been exposed to secondhand smoke as children.

In other words, passive smoking around a child during their adolescence and active smoking were estimated to be equally harmful when it comes to getting arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis also kicked in earlier in people who had taken in passive smoke as children.

Now, regardless of whether second hand smoking contributed to your arthritis, the main question would be how can you heal it today?

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