Arthritis and Fatigue Connection RevealedArthritis is a serious enough disease that disrupts your life enough, but many people with this condition also experience extreme fatigue, making it impossible to lead anything close to a normal life.

A team of French scientists has just published a study in the journal Joint Bone Spine, explaining the connection between these two conditions.

And reveals a solution for both.

They analyzed the information of 962 rheumatoid arthritis patients collected by a French COMEDRA cohort study.

This information included their fatigue, which was scored out of 10; with acceptable ranging from 0-2, moderate ranging from 3-4, and severe ranging from 5-10.

It also included their demographic characteristics, social status, physical activity level, arthritis disease activity level, and co-occurring conditions.

The average fatigue score was 3.8 out of 10, with 40% of the patients reporting severe fatigue.

On average, they had 1.8 co-occurring conditions, with the most common of these conditions being anxiety/depression, something which 52% of the participants suffered from.

Depending on the statistical methods used, the most fatigued arthritis patients were female, unemployed, physically inactive, obese, and had any of the following:

1. Impaired ability to function physically.
2. More than one co-occurring condition.
3. Anxiety/depression.
4. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
5. High blood pressure.
6. Sleeping difficulties.
7. Extreme pain.
8. Long disease duration for arthritis.

The more factors they had, the worse both arthritis symptoms and fatigue tended to be.

Thus, working on reducing each of those connected factors will help improve both arthritis and fatigue.

I can relate to this. There are often times when my arthritis was so bad that I felt lightheaded and absent, and I couldn’t even communicate with other people.

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