Vertigo Cured With This Computer GameIt wouldn’t be too bad to heal your vertigo and have fun playing a virtual computer game at the same time, right?

Well, as long as it works!

A team of Italian researchers has now published a study in the Journal Clinical Rehabilitation that showed how this virtual-reality computer games could enhance the effectiveness of traditional methods.

And the results were quite impressive.

If you suffer vestibular vertigo, then it is probably common for the balance sensors in your inner ear send messages to your brain that your head is moving when it actually isn’t.

See stable on your eyes, making you feel like the world is actually spinning all around in response, your eyes start spinning to keep the image of the objects you.

The only solution available in the traditional medical system is something called vestibular rehabilitation, which attempts to train your brain to use its perception of your body position to create balance, and thereby to bypass the incorrectly functioning balance organs in your ears.

The Italian researchers identified 47 people with vestibular dysfunction and gave 24 of them the standard program of vestibular rehabilitation.

In addition to this standard program, the other 23 were given head-mounted gaming- related home exercises that they were to do for 20 minutes per day for one month.

A year after the treatment program commenced, the subjects underwent a series of tests and completed some questionnaires to examine their level of physical function, reflex speed, eye movements, and their bodies success at adjusting their balance to follow certain movements.

Both groups showed significant improvement when compared to their pre-treatment state, but those who had undergone the double treatment were a lot better than those who had received only the standard vestibular rehabilitation program.

Interestingly, the vertigo exercises I designed years ago and have helped thousands of people use some of the same concepts applied with the computer games technique, without actually relying on computers.

They strengthen the connection between the balance systems in the ears and the eyes and help increase the blood flow up to the brain at the same time.

Therefore, they work for all types of vertigo.

You can learn more about these easy vertigo exercises and test-drive them online right here…