Simple Technique to Cure Genetic High Blood PressureThe difficulty with curing many diseases naturally (including high blood pressure), is that they’re partly genetic, and we’ve been told that when it comes to genes, there is nothing we can do.

But a new study from the Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center reveal a simple method that alters the genes that cause high blood pressure.

Therefore, it can naturally cure the genetically induced high blood pressure!

This simple method not only solves the age-old high blood pressure problem, it also improves or cures genetic type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and many other genetic diseases – maybe even Alzheimer’s.

The best part is, it doesn’t cost a cent and you can begin using it immediately after reading today’s article.

Usually, when discussing genetically induced diseases, it is seldom the case where one gene is directly responsible in causing a disease. Instead, it’s a gene path that causes increased inflammations, stress hormone productions, suppression of the immune system, and other health issues. For simplification, let’s call these “negative genes.”

In return, there are other gene paths that cause an increase in relaxation hormones, a stronger immune system, lower blood sugar levels, boosts in growth hormones, and other positive effects on your health. Let’s call these “positive genes.”

For this study, researchers wanted to know if meditation, relaxation techniques, and other mind/body exercises could indeed boost the “positive genes” activity and suppress the “negative genes.”

Twenty-six individuals, who had never practiced any kind of mind/body exercises, were recruited for the purpose of this study. For eight weeks, they got weekly private session from a meditation master. This was called short-time meditation training.

Blood samples used to analyze their gene structure were taken before and after receiving the short-time training.

Then, another group of 26 individuals were recruited. These people had practiced various mind/body methods for years, sometimes decades. This included meditation, yoga, daily prayers and other methods.

The results were thrilling…

After only eight weeks, the participant’s “positive gene” activity was significantly boosted, and simultaneously, the “negative gene” activity was suppressed.

And it doesn’t stop here! The researchers also studied the blood of long-term practitioners and it also showed significantly more “positive gene” activity than the short-term practitioners.

Now, what does this mean for you and your high blood pressure?
You see, for decades, I’ve been teaching simple, easy mind/body exercises developed to focus specifically on lowering high blood pressure.

These exercises are an extremely easy to learn and use and takes as little as 9 minutes per day.

The main criticism I’ve received from people not willing to try the blood pressure exercises is that they may work to reduce stress, but not if high blood pressure is caused by other factors (such as genetic factors).

This is simply not true!

I’ve witnessed thousands of people curing their high blood pressure. Some cases were caused by stress but most of them had little or no obvious stress. Often, high blood pressure ran in their family. Other times, they were overweight, out of shape, or had other lifestyle factors that contributed to their blood pressure problems.

The bottom line is that 3 simple blood pressure exercises lowered their blood pressure.

And now, we know why. Not only do these easy blood pressure exercises work at lowering stress, they also directly work on the boosting of “positive genes”, as well as suppressing “negative genes.”

Also, there’s the reason why readers tell me that various other diseases were improved or cured after using my blood pressure exercises. These included chronic pain (including arthritis), insomnia, type 2 diabetes, plaque buildup in arteries, memory loss, and many other health issues.

Now it is your turn. To learn more about these amazing blood pressure exercises and test-drive them for yourself, click here…