These Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Drugs Kill ThousandsDoctors are terribly quick to prescribe drugs for anyone whose blood pressure and cholesterol are too high, as they are worried that these people may suffer the deadly consequences related to these conditions.

But as we’ve repeatedly preached here on Blue Heron Health News, these drugs often have side effects that are as bad, or even worse, than the diseases that they were meant to cure.

Now, a shocking new study, published in JAMA, in The Journal of the American Medical Association, finally backs up our view with evidence.

It revealed that these drugs were taking tens, or even hundreds of thousands of lives every year. This put over third of the population at a great risk.

The researchers from the University of Illinois analyzed the medical data of 26,192 Americans, which was collected by a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 2005 and 2014.

They specifically wanted to see how many people who took prescription drugs, with depression listed as a side effect, ended up having depression.

Overall, from 2005 to 2014, the use of such medication increased from 35 to 38.4% Americans, meaning that more than a third of the American population unknowingly put themselves at risk of depression.

When they checked for the rates of depression, they found the following:

1. 5% of those taking no drugs had depression.
2. 7% of those taking one drug had depression.
3. 9% of those taking two drugs had depression.
4. 15% of those taking three or more drugs had depression.

In other words, the more drugs you took simultaneously, the greater the chance that you would be depressed.

They found very similar results when checking drugs that had the potential to commit suicide as a side effect.

Drugs that have depression and potential suicide as possible side effects include hormonal birth control drugs, proton pump inhibitors (a type of antacid), painkillers, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other heart medications.

Worst of all, these medications were often prescribed for life, putting people at a great risk of having long lasting depression and suicidal tendencies.

As there are too many types of drugs to list here, I recommend you read the warning labels on the pills you’re taking, or search the Internet for potential side effects. Drug manufacturers are legally obligated to have list of their side effects easily available.

If you find out your drugs are dangerous, and you want to stop taking them, please consult your doctor, as going cold turkey could be life threatening in many cases.

The best thing to do is start applying natural methods that, for example, lower your cholesterol or blood pressure. Once the numbers begin to decline, ask your doctor to lower your medical dose, until you’re completely free.

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