Type 2 Diabetes and Poor Sleep Connection DiscoveredIn April 2018, a study in the journal Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews found that insomniacs were up to 50% more likely than non-insomniacs to have type 2 diabetes.

But the reason for this was a mystery.

A brand new study by scientists from the University of Arizona presented at Sleep 2018, the 32nd annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, however, came up with the answer.

And the solution is so super simple it left everyone in awe.

These scientists conducted a nationwide, phone survey of 3,105 Americans from 23 cities.

The participants were asked about their sleep quality, health problems, nighttime snacking, and junk food cravings.

They found that poor sleepers were substantially more likely than good sleepers to crave junk food, and that people who craved junk food were twice as likely as those who did not to snack late at night.

Moreover, people who reported junk food cravings and nighttime snacking were much more likely than the others were to report obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other health problems.

Older studies have also revealed that snacking late at night can seriously contribute to type 2 diabetes.

So, if you frequently stay up late at night or wake up in the middle of the night, simply try not to snack at that time. Or if you need to snack, grab some carrots or celery to hold you over.

But even simpler, use the easy method found here to naturally knock you out in 10 minutes whenever you want to sleep…

And if you’ve already developed type 2 diabetes, follow the 3 simple steps, found here, to reverse it in 28 days or less…