This Treats ED But How Much Is Needed?Numerous studies have shown that this activity drastically increases men’s stamina.

It makes your blood vessels more flexible and elastic, which allows them to relax enough for sufficient blood to flow to your penis.

It causes your body to produce more nitrogen oxide, which widens your blood vessels for the blood flow to your sex organs (precisely how drugs work, just without the side effects and the huge expense).

What’s more, it’s completely free and everyone can do it.

But the question remains: “How much do you need”?

Danish researchers decided to find out from previously published studies how much exercise is needed to reverse ED and published their results in the journal Sexual Medicine.

They surveyed 1,950 published studies, between 2006 and 2016, and isolated 10 of these to be of sufficiently rigorous scientific quality to be included in their analysis.

When they put the studies together, they found that at least 160 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise per week over six months is necessary to improve ED significantly. The best way to do this was 40 minutes of training four times per week.

They also found that people who lapsed, even after six months of healthy physical activity habits, experienced an immediate increase in ED symptoms. Thus, for the exercise to be effective, you have to continue to do it.

Now this may be too much work for most men and it doesn’t completely reverse ED for most.

Fortunately, there is an easier, simpler and more effective sets of exercises that work for almost everyone.

You can do these ED exercises anytime, anywhere and nobody, not even your partner needs to know you’re doing them.

What’s more they only take a few minutes per day and the results are permanent.

Learn more about these simple ED exercises and test-drive them for yourself here…