Weirdest Cause of ED (but very common)A new study published in the American Journal of Men’s Health reveals a very strange, but common cause of ED.

It has nothing to do with blood flow, stress or anything else traditionally credited as causing ED.

The good news is that once you know the issue, you can do something about it.

Researchers analyzed records from the claims dataset from The Taiwanese National Health Insurance Research Database.

They found 72,642 people with traumatic brain injuries and compared them with 217,872 people without such injuries that matched their ages.

After 10 years, 24.66 out of every 100,000 traumatic brain injury patients had developed ED, while this number was only 19.07 for those without such brain injuries.

This remained the case even after they excluded age, other health conditions, quality of medical care, season, and place of residence as possible influencing factors.

So how in the world does brain injury cause erectile dysfunction?

Some of this may have been due to the medication like antidepressants and anticonvulsants on which doctors put people with brain injuries.

In a few other cases, it stemmed from depression and anxiety caused by the injuries.

But other than these cases, scientists don’t really understand why this happens, except to say that brain injuries cause a wide variety of physical, hormonal, cognitive, psychological, and social changes that can cause ED.

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