These Beans Lower Blood Pressure and Boost HealthBeans have long been praised for various health benefits. But a new study from Mexico shows exactly how one particular type of bean beats high blood pressure with a knock out.

Not only does it load your body with antioxidants that lower blood pressure, it also removes dangerous chemicals that cause high blood pressure and other diseases.

Many of the most heart-healthy recipes flying around social media sites involve the use of black beans.

From hot dishes to cold salads, these beans seem to be almost magical in not only the variety of ways they can be used but also in the incredible health benefits they provide.

Researchers from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico recently isolated two very powerful proteins in black beans, fasolina and pectin. They were found to have extremely powerful antioxidant properties.

Blood pressure increases when the body falls under some kind of stress. In environmental stress, for example, free radicals from say, smoke inhalation, attack heart and blood vessel tissue. This is oxidative stress. Antioxidants combat the free radicals, stopping the cycle of destruction.

This, in turn, drops blood pressure back down because the threat has passed.

Researchers also found in computer models looking at the proteins that they also have a chelating effect, meaning that they can remove heavy metals from the body.

These are two explanations supporting why black beans have always been so effective at reducing blood pressure. Experts could clearly see their benefits, but hadn’t seen, until now, the molecular processes behind the reaction.

Many health-conscious people already include black beans in abundance in their diets because they are an incredible source of delicious protein, without adding a lot of the calories that would come with meat, eggs, or nuts.

You should be able to find black beans in your local supermarket or health food store. If not, most other types of beans also hold tremendous health benefits.

But eating beans may not be enough to completely cure high blood pressure. For that, you need a set of three easy exercises.

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