Cure ED With This New, Non-Invasive MethodDoctors all over the world have been secretly using a new method to cure ED. It doesn’t require any drugs and only requires a simple machine found in most hospitals.

Recently researchers put this simple method to the test and published their amazing results in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

It helped 83% of men without any side effects. That’s more effective than any drug out there.

Low-intensity shockwave therapy is becoming increasingly popular for the treatment of a wide variety of health conditions from kidney stones to arthritis, and now erectile dysfunction.

The thinking behind it is that it increases blood flow to the area to which it is applied.

To have an erection, arteries must widen and blood flow to a man’s penis must increase so it can fill with blood. If this cannot happen, erectile dysfunction is the result.

If shockwave therapy can increase blood flow to the penis, it should be able to remedy erectile dysfunction and, while the treatment is still experimental, many studies support it as relatively effective.

In a recent edition of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers thought they would establish how many weekly treatments worked best and how many were safe, since this has not yet been definitively determined.

They specifically concentrated on men with Vasculogenic erectile dysfunction whose erectile dysfunction seemed to stem from problems with blood vessels.

They split their participants into 21 men who received one treatment and 21 men who received two treatments per week for six consecutive weeks.

They were followed for six months after the treatments, and those who wanted to continue were swapped so that those who received one weekly treatment now received two, and vice versa.

Their sexual function was tested via a triplex ultrasound, the International Index for Erectile Function erectile function domain (IIEF-EF), and two other questionnaires that collected information on their sexual interactions and perceptions of the effectiveness of the treatment.

After the six months, both groups reported a big improvement in their sexual abilities and this improvement could also be seen on the ultrasound.

The group that received the two weekly sessions reported larger improvements than the group that received only one weekly session.

1. 62% of those who experienced six treatments reported an improvement.
2. 74% of those who accepted 12 treatments reported an improvement.
3. 83% of those who underwent 18 treatments experienced an improvement.

No one reported any adverse side effects.

Therefore, it seems to be safe and many sessions work better than a few.

But how does the treatment work?

A doctor coats your penis in a special gel and then applies a probe to different parts of it.

The probe administers low intensity acoustic pulse waves to your penis that are believed to work in several ways.

It stimulates the formation of new blood vessels to replace the old damaged ones and it breaks up plaques in the blood vessels to facilitate better blood flow.

This makes it a better treatment than the variety of pills and pump devices that are on the market, as it treats the underlying problem, instead of just enabling a single erection.

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