Specific City,Town Design Lowers Blood PressureCity and town design is usually considered a beauty issue rather than a health issue.

But a new study published in the latest International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health shows that living in the right kind of city design can significantly lower your blood pressure.

The researchers examined the information of 429,334 people between the ages 38 and 73 obtained from the UK Biobank.

Together with that, they examined the walkability of neighborhoods in 22 British cities, dividing them into those easily walkable for one kilometer, 1.5 kilometers, and 2 kilometers respectively.

They found that people who lived in walkable neighborhoods had lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure, as well as a lower risk of developing hypertension.

This result was especially pronounced for neighborhoods with a one kilometer walkability score, for women, for those aged between 50 and 60, for those who were employed, and for those who lived in high density, economically deprived, or greener areas.

Many people talk about the distance between public transport and their homes as the last mile problem. But now it seems like it’s not a problem, but rather an advantage.

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