Weird Arthritis and Heart Attack Link DiscoveredThe journal Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases recently revealed a shocking study linking arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.

It looks like there is the same underlying cause for both diseases. So if you’re suffering from arthritis and also have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, the chances are it’s directly linked.

The good news is that if you take the right steps, you can cure both diseases in one blow.

The scientists examined the medical records of Americans with arthritis that were also registered for Medicare. Their average age was 69 and 79% of them were women.

All the subjects were required to have had multi-biomarker disease activity tests performed to test the severity of their arthritis, and the records were also examined to find cases of hospitalization for pneumonia, sepsis, and heart attack.

The scientists also obtained information regarding the severity of coronary heart disease.

Of the 34,000 subjects, they could clearly see that those with higher disease activity were more likely to develop pneumonia or sepsis, or suffer heart attacks or serious events related to coronary heart disease.

The problem with arthritis is that it involves inflammation that is not only localized in the joints, but systemic inflammation that occurs throughout the body, including in the heart and arteries.

That is why the scientists concluded that the study also confirms the idea that heart disease is driven by inflammation and oxidization.

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