New High Blood Pressure Technology Dangerously WrongI love technology. Anything that helps me to be more productive and makes life easier gets my vote.

But when it comes to health, you have to be careful. It’s too important to mess up. And sometimes the technology is not as advantaged as the creators would like you to think.

This is the case with one piece of technology becoming increasing popular to help manage blood pressure. If you haven’t used it already, you’ll tempted to do it soon. So be warned.

Search high blood pressure in the iTunes apple or google play apps stores (for smartphones and tablets), and you’ll get hundreds of results.

There are many good apps there to record and monitor blood pressure trends. With some, you can automatically send the info to your doctor. This is fantastic if you have a home blood pressure monitor and take your blood pressure three times a day.

But there are also apps that are supposed to measure blood pressure just by placing your finger on the monitor. There is absolutely no science behind this technology. Most likely, the numbers you get are going to be way off.

Recent studies have shown that even many home blood pressure monitors are not accurate enough. So it’s ridiculous to try to rely on a new, unproven technology like this.

Another, even more dangerous function of some apps are medication suggestions based on your blood pressure measurements.

You should never, ever change your medications without consulting your doctor. If you feel your doctor is too obsessed with medication, find an alternative medicine-focused doctor to help you get off your medications. Don’t do it on your own or using an application. The withdrawal symptoms can be lethal.

Throughout the years, thousands of clients have successfully used my simple blood pressure exercises to bring their blood pressure down to a healthy level.

Oftentimes my clients were taking medications when they started using the exercises and therefore asked me how to proceed getting off the medications.

I recommend doing it in steps. Practice the simple exercises for a few days and don’t change your medications. Take your blood pressure three times a day to get a good reading on your success.

Now that take the records to your doctor and ask him/her to lower your blood pressure medication dose as your BP is going down (if he/she refuses, get another doctor).

Keep on doing the exercises and as your blood pressure goes down, have your doctor lower your medications again. Within a short time, you’ve safely gotten off all blood pressure medications.

Here are the blood pressure exercises thousands of clients have been using to lower their blood pressure naturally and to get off blood pressure medications…