This One Food Spikes Bad Cholesterol (and ruins your health)According to a new study from University of London, one type of food can singlehandedly run your LDL cholesterol level through the roof.

And this is exactly the type of food that’s becoming more and more popular.

In fact, you should avoid eating this type of food more than once per week.

By now we all know that takeaway meals increase our cholesterol, but we often don’t realize just how harmful it is.

Researchers did their study with young school kids, but this is unlikely to be terribly different for adults.

They analyzed information from 1,948 primary school kids from 85 schools London, Birmingham, and Leicester. They asked the kids about their consumption of takeout meals and about the food they consumed in the previous 24 hours.

In addition, the scientists tested their physical measurements and fasting blood samples.

26% of the kids reported hardly ever/never consuming takeaway meals, 46% ate such meals less than once a week, and 28% ate them once or more per week.

More frequent takeaway meal consumption was related to significantly higher total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and body fat content.

Those who ate more takeaways consumed more calories but less protein and vitamin C.

The takeaway of this study is simple: cook more at home and do less takeaways.

But if your cholesterol is already too high, you need to take more serious actions. Here are the simple steps I used to normalize my cholesterol and clear out my 93% clogged arteries…