When High Blood Pressure Is A Good SignWe usually think of high blood pressure as bad and a sign of great health risks.

And this is of course true in most cases.

But a new study in the journal Internal Medicine reveals an interesting twist on the connection between blood pressure and death.

Apparently, you should really be alerted if your blood pressure begins to go down.

The British and American researchers teamed up to study the trajectory of blood pressure for people 60 years and older.

It is well understood that blood pressure rises from childhood to middle age, so they wanted to know what happens in the elderly.

They examined the data of 46,634 deceased people for whom blood pressure measurements were available from at least 20 years before death. They found this information in hospital records as well as a British primary care health database.

All of them died between 2010 and 2014 at an average age of 82.4 and they were all 60 years or older.

They discovered the following:

1. On the average, blood pressure began to decline 14 years before death.
2. This decline accelerated and reached its steepest slope in the last two years before death.
3. The decline in systolic pressure ranged from -8.5 mmHg to -22 mmHg.
4. People with high blood pressure, dementia, unexplained weight loss, and heart failure suffered the steepest decline in overall blood pressure.

A scientist from the University of Texas in Galveston wrote an editorial to accompany the study, and he suggested that the study implied that people who died in old age were on a “dying trajectory” from 10 years before their death.

This in essence is just a natural part of pre-age-related death.

The fact, however, that people with dementia, heart failure, and high blood pressure experienced the steepest declines shows that you are in a position to do something about this, as many heart and circulatory conditions are preventable through a healthy lifestyle.

This makes it even more important to lower high blood pressure before this “natural-age-process” begins. That will strengthen your cardiovascular health and ease out the curve.

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