High Blood Pressure Causes a Strange Side EffectWe all know that high blood pressure more often than not leads to serious diseases like stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, dementia and ED.

But there are one strange health issue high blood pressure causes. One that nobody talks about.

Yet, it’s so serious that many people would rather want to die than live without this.

Most of us wouldn’t even think that colour vision was affected by high blood pressure. Heck, most of us don’t really think about colour vision at all.

But it’s an extremely important part of our vision. It’s the ability to distinguish between different colours that look alike. With detailed colour vision, you see your environment with depth and clarity. With less detailed colour vision, things become flat and bleak.

And since high blood pressure has been proven to affect vision in many ways, researchers from Saitama Medical University in Japan decided to research colour vision as well.

They gave 872 men between the ages of 20 and 60 a specific colour vision test. Of these, 162 men failed the test.

Men with high blood pressure were much more likely to fail the test. The higher their blood pressure was, the more likely they were to flunk.

There are, of course, many aspects of vision more important than colour distinction. But this study is one of many that prove that high blood pressure seriously affects eyesight.

It can even lead to complete blindness.

The longer your blood pressure remains high, the more it negatively affects your vision and other parts of your body.

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