New Method to Heal Arthritis Without Side EffectsIn the past two years, several scientific articles appeared in academic journals that discussed the effectiveness of a new, non-invasive and hugely effective treatment for the relief of arthritis pain, inflammation and the restoration of movement in affected joints.

This method is inexpensive and causes no side effects.

In the 2016 edition of the journal, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, researchers gave 34 osteoarthritis patients between 5 and 10 low-level laser treatments to various joints.

Before the recommencement of the treatments after 5 and 7 sessions, 8 weeks after the initial treatment, the researchers measured the amount of pain participants experienced, the size of their joints (to check for swelling) and their range of motion.

They found huge positive effects on all three these factors after 5 and 7 treatment sessions, and the effects lasted for 8 weeks.

Those who received more than 7 treatments, however, experienced no further benefits beyond the 7th treatment.

Just before this study, the journal, Lasers in Medical Science published another study in which scientists compared two groups of 50 patients with knee arthritis: one received conventional physical therapy and the other received conventional treatment together with low-level laser therapy.

While 9 of the conventional therapy patients needed a knee replacement after 6 years, only 1 patient in the combined therapy group did, showing that low-level laser therapy is extremely effective and should be incorporated in arthritis treatments.

Low-level lasers are simple, non-destructive, red or infrared light between the wavelengths of 600nm and 1000nm (nanometres).

They’re very safe and you can even get similar home-use devices.

The exact mechanisms through which lasers relieve arthritis symptoms are not yet understood, but it is known that light at these wavelengths enters cells and warms them. This seems to promote energy production inside the cells together with other poorly understood chemical changes.

Even if lasers can improve your arthritis, they won’t cure it. For that, you need to follow the 3 simple steps found here…