6 Most Powerful Herbal Remedies to Lower Blood PressureNot easy: lowering your systolic blood pressure by, let’s say, 71%.

…Unless you try out the easy, natural remedy for high blood pressure that you can read about in this article.

Actually, we’ll discuss 6 different herbs and spices that’ll give your blood pressure a reason to slide downwards.

Spoiler: one of them is a particular kind of pepper.

1. Coconut water

A small study recently published in the West Indian Medical Journal revealed that drinking coconut water helped 71% of the study participants lower their systolic blood pressure significantly and 29% dropped their diastolic blood pressure numbers significantly.

Coconut water is loaded with potassium, electrolytes and other key nutrients that play an important role in lowering blood pressure.

2. Garlic

Apparently, garlic is not just to keep the vampires away…

According to a study conducted by Australian researchers, garlic is an effective way to reduce blood pressure and naturally lower unhealthy cholesterol levels.

This powerful food remedy can be taken fresh or in the form of a supplement. Garlic is a powerful and easy tool to battle high blood pressure.

3. Cacao

Loaded with flavonoids, cacao is an excellent way to lower blood pressure.

As we know, the most common cause of blood pressure is stress.

Raw cacao contains flavanoids and other nutrients that function as adaptogens that help body manage stress, by regulating stress hormones.

This amazing quality of cacao plays a crucial role in lowering blood pressure levels.

If you choose a chocolate as your source of flavanoids, choose the one that is at least 75-80% cacao.

4. Raw Almonds

A handful of almonds a day keeps blood pressure levels at bay!

Raw almonds are one of the key foods in the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), and for good reason. These delicious nuts are loaded with monounsaturated fats, which are powerful tools to lower cholesterol levels, decrease inflammation and fight high blood pressure.

5. Cayenne pepper

This spice does miracles when it comes to its blood pressure lowering abilities!

The scientific evidence shows that cayenne pepper is a powerful vasodilator, meaning that it helps improve blood flow by expanding the blood vessels.

This quality helps naturally reduce blood pressure as the rate of blood flow passing through the circulatory system is increased, taking pressure off arterial walls.

You can mix two teaspoons of cayenne pepper powder (found in most supermarkets) with warm water, tea, or juice, and drink it daily. If the taste is too spicy for you, try it in the form of a supplement (look for it in your nearest health food store).

6. Turmeric

Talking about super-foods (or super-spices in this case), turmeric (or curcumin) definitely fits the description!

This amazing herb has drawn the attention of scientists with its powerful ability to decrease inflammation throughout the body.

By decreasing inflammation, turmeric helps improve healthy blood flow, loosen up blood vessels and remove plaque build-up, all leading to reduced blood pressure levels.

This herb also works as a powerful blood thinner, another quality that aids in lowering blood pressure naturally.

Add this powerful and delicious spice to sauces, soups or veggie dishes you make, or choose it in the form of a supplement.

But just this spice – while highly effective – isn’t going to lower your blood pressure down to normal. But lowering your blood pressure down to where it should be doesn’t have to be hard…

Just try out these 3 simple exercises, and watch your blood pressure drop for good…