Vertigo/Dizziness Cured Using Two Natural Methods (worked for 95% patients)What if…

• You could get rid of vertigo and dizziness through a method that has a 95% success rate.

• This method didn’t require pain killers, medications, or surgery.

Who wouldn’t want that? Just imagine, for a second, how much better your life would be. No more worrying about when you’re going to suddenly start feeling dizzy.

Good news: such a method actually exists. Right now.

Cervical vertigo is dizziness associated with neck arthritis, neck or head injuries, neck surgery, inner ear disorder or any of the other problems that affect the cervical region in the neck.

About 84 patients in the Rehabilitation Department of No. 2 People’s Hospital were divided into two groups. All the patients suffered from cervical vertigo. One group received only natural Chinese medicine and massage treatments in the study. The other group received a combination of massage and acupuncture.

The patients were allowed to rest in a supine position for the massage treatment. The massaging was targeted on muscles around neck, shoulders and upper back to relax them. Each massage session lasted for about 30 minutes. The sessions were conducted on alternate days in a week in two courses.

Acupuncture was performed with the head leaning forward and neck relaxed. The needles were inserted to about 15 to 25 millimeters and retained for 30 minutes. The acupuncture therapy session of 30 minutes was performed for 2 weeks.

While the first group showed about 80 percent overall improvement in pain and discomfort, the results of the second group was more successful. The combination of massage and acupuncture resulted in 95 percent effectiveness!

Considering how pain killers, medications and surgery can cause different side-effects and complications, the treatment options like physical massage therapy and acupuncture are natural, safe and free of any side-effects.

But – guess what? There’s another way to treat vertigo – and it’s very effective at eliminating it for good.

It doesn’t require medication or acupuncture. Only simple exercises. So check it out now.