4 Ways to Relieve Neck PainOuch! That sharp pain in your neck strikes again.

Maybe it’s because you were hunched over your laptop for hours on end. Maybe you slept in a kind of awkward position.

The list goes on, but here’s the point: you can do something about it, right now, with these 4 ways to get rid of neck pain. And it’s easy.

Neck pain is increasingly becoming a common complaint in today’s busy and stress-filled life. Most times, sore neck muscles feel better after resting for a day or two. But you can actually try a few methods to reduce the pain if you have recurring pain in a particular spot, especially if you can identify the exact trigger point.

Trigger points are tight knots of muscle fibers that cannot relax and hence cause pain and discomfort. Specialists have identified that these points are most commonly found stretching from the base of the skull down to the back and across the shoulder.

It is not uncommon to find multiple trigger points at regular intervals. The stressed muscles are tighter and denser at the trigger points, like a rope. Pushing on the trigger point usually triggers pain across the muscle.

Save a trip to the doctor by trying out these simple remedies:

Massaging the trigger point gently helps relieve the pain by loosening up the tightly wound muscle fibers.

Don’t reach out for ant-inflammatory drugs before trying out a heating pad or iv pack to relieve the pain.

Stop activities that actually cause the stress such as poor posture or strenuous activity and then run the trigger point to relax the muscles.

Try aerobic exercises like swimming, jumping jacks and other activities that involve stretching muscles.

Exercises also offer other bonuses – good blood flow, nutrients pumped in and toxins flushed out.

Question: what exercises should you do to drive away neck pain and whiplash? Answer: you’ll find out by clicking here. Prepare to wave goodbye to those muscle pains.