Completely Relive Neck Pain By Changing This Small HabitNeck and back pain has become somewhat of the norm in the western world. It seems like everyone, their mothers and children complain about neck and back pain.

But there is a surprisingly, easy solution, discovered by chiropractor named Dr Dean Fishman that everyone can immediately use to relive their neck pain.

Just change one little habit.

It was Dr. Dean Fishman, a chiropractor who coined the term ‘Text Neck’ to describe the neck pain that follows long hours of forward head posture. It results due to overuse of neck, shoulders and head. This is typically the case when using handheld mobile devices, working on the desktop or reading a book in bed. This is not just a mild problem – it can lead to a change in spine and muscle alignment.

While ‘Text Neck’ sounds scary, it is actually quite easy to cure it, provided you are willing to make some small habit changes. This includes reading at eye level and always keeping your head held directly over the shoulders.

Another useful habit is to take regular breaks and stretch yourself to relax muscles. This is a type of ‘learned behavior’. You will realize that these exercises are useful only when you try them.

To give you a better idea about the stress caused, consider this: the head weighs 10 pounds on an average. For every inch you bend forward, the weight increases by 100 percent! The more you bend, the more is the stress exerted on the neck.

Dr. Fishman first observed ‘text neck’ in patients who had the habit of constantly texting, reading in bed or had other similar habits. X-rays of people who constantly exert stress on their neck shows that they naturally exhibit incorrect posture, even if they are standing in a neutral stance.

He then advised them to do specific stretching exercises and read at eye level.

After just one month, there was a complete reversal in pain and other symptoms. Interestingly, it also reflected on the X-rays.

The best advice is to avoid overusing the neck. Even if you have to put strain on the neck due to work or play, it is a good habit to take a 15-minute break in-between. Exercising the shoulder blades and stretching the pectoral muscles can provide relief from the pain.

But if neck pain has become regular and chronic, you may need a little more. After suffering not just one but two major accidents to my neck, here are the simple little exercises I used, to bring my spine back to life…